Healing through Yoga, Fitness, & Plant-Based Supplements

Jul 10, 2024

My journey is one of healing—a continuous, ongoing path that I'm sharing to inspire others on their own journey toward health, wellness, and happiness. It's important to note that while holistic methods have been transformative for me, consulting medical professionals and considering traditional treatments may be crucial for your healing journey.

Since middle school, severe depression has been a constant battle, exacerbated by the overwhelming chemical imbalances in my body. Coupled with deep-seated body dysmorphia from years of classical ballet training, where I never felt "enough," I spiraled into a dark place. Initially finding solace in fitness, I pursued a Master's in Applied Health Physiology and began a career in personal training and group fitness instruction.

However, my fixation on perfection and restrictive habits persisted, leading to a frightening wake-up call when I blacked out while training a client due to extreme dieting. This forced me to pause and reevaluate.

Yoga emerged as a beacon of light during this tumultuous period. Through my 200hr yoga teacher training, I discovered a newfound appreciation for my body's strength and beauty—a pivotal moment that marked the beginning of self-love and healing.

The transformation deepened when I reluctantly tried a gut health supplement to address weight gain and unhealthy eating habits returning home to America. Remarkably, within just one month, I noticed a significant shift—I hadn't experienced suicidal thoughts, even during the bleak winter months in America. 

This supplement became a cornerstone of my mental health regimen, complementing fitness, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and traditional therapy.

I became passionate about these supplements, advocating for their life-changing benefits and even delving into the business side to share them with others. For four years, these products have been integral to my well-being, shaping my journey towards health and happiness.

As I embark on launching The Embodied Warrior Wellness Community Collectivean online platform designed to empower individuals through yoga, fitness, and plant-based supplements—I'm excited to integrate these products into our community's offerings. This initiative aims to support each person in living their most aligned and embodied life.

While I celebrate my victories, the shadows of my past remain real. Every day, I work diligently to maintain my path of health and happiness. I share my story not to boast, but to offer hope—to let anyone struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, or darkness know that they are not alone. You matter, you are needed, and you are loved.

My journey of healing is ongoing, a testament to resilience and the power of holistic wellness. Together, let's continue walking this path toward a brighter, healthier future.

With love and solidarity,



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