It’s about the journey, not the destination

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The Embodied Warrior is dedicated to providing the highest quality opportunities focused on health, wellness, and happiness. Hosted by me! Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Sound Healer, and Luxury Retreat Host, Megan J. Hoeffner.

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Yoga, Manifestation, and Embodiment Retreat

Uvita, Costa Rica,
June 2 - 8, 2024

Immersion in the Jungle!

Unveil the power within as you embark on a soulful journey, awakening your inner warrior and manifesting your dreams into reality. This retreat is a sacred journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and inner harmony.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just beginning your spiritual path, this retreat is designed to meet you exactly where you are. Our intimate group setting ensures personalized attention and a supportive community of like-minded souls.

Join us in the jungle.
Hey there!


Read my story  ➝

Hello, beautiful light warrior!!

After going through some of the lowest lows a human being can experience, I was inspired + divinely guided to build the safe space that is The Embodied Warrior. 

I know what it's like to be depressed, to be lost, to know there's more out there, to deny myself + my truth...

I also know what it's like to finally embrace my highest calling, to invest in my energetic health, and embody the warrior within. 

It's my passion, my drive, and my commitment to help you make that same transition! 

Welcome to The Embodied Warrior!

“This retreat made me look at my life in a new way, was healing in ways I wasn’t expecting, and gave me a more hopeful outlook on everything.”

— Laura, 2019 Retune Retreat Guest

“There are not enough words that I know in any language to describe how special Megan is. Her ability to hold space for all human beings is something so many of us seek and only so many truly do find. She makes everyone feel extremely comfortable and safe as they dive deep into self journey.”

— Zivile, Retreat Space Owner in Nicaragua

"There are few words that can truly capture how magical this experience has been. I embarked on the 200hr YTT for myself to deepen my yoga practice and it has empowered me mind, body, and soul. The confidence I have gained, the knowledge,  the understanding of life is priceless and will support me through the rest of this experience. Megan is an experienced, thoughtful, connected teacher and guide and I have felt comfortable and encouraged by her since day one. So grateful for you Megan and this experience, thank you!"

— Tessa, 2023 OCMD 200hr YTT graduate

The past 6 months have been transformational to say the least.

I am living a more aligned version of my life, embodying all I have experienced and learned in my YTT 200 hour with the beneficent @theembodiedwarrior and my amazing group of stellar, kind-hearted, spirits that took the journey with me.

Continuing the work I started 3 years ago, for me. I have hope, love, and serenity in my heart and soul. It’s going to be magnificent once the clouds clear.

Loving this life and grateful for every moment. Riding the wave."

— Carrie, 2023 OCMD 200hr YTT graduate

"The things gained from these retreat experiences are immeasurable, indescribable, and need to be felt by everyone! You arrive immediately filled with wonder and childlike joy; warm hearts surround you and make you feel welcome. For any mom's thinking of attending I promise that you will not feel guilt for taking this time for yourself. This self care love will expand out from you and engulf your kids and family when you get home. You need you as much as they need you and you need a retreat experience with The Embodied Warrior. I can't say it enough and I've only been to one."

— Dani, Local Weekend Retreat Guest, 2023

“Understanding movement comes naturally to Megan since she masters many modalities of it communicating through a seamless way. She merges and incorporates them allowing you to explore in your own personal way the many layers of the individual. Counting with as many tools as she does every encounter with her will turn into a unique experience where creativity, precision, intention, diligence and excellence will arise and manifest throughout the journey. No matter what purpose you bring to the mat, she will be able to address your needs and engage you into a brave adventure.

Just being in her powerful presence and listening to her assertive voice and deep messages is an inspiration that will invite your body, mind, and spirit to come together into junction!”

— Berri Resano, Nicaragua

“When asked to describe my weekend retune experience, I’d say; Special, soulful, BLISS.”

— Rachel, 2021 Retreat Guest

“What I love most about Megan is her knowledge of the physical body. You can tell she is very educated on how the body works and what works for each individual which made me so comfortable working with her. It made me trust her instruction and feel like I was performing specifically for my body. That’s something that’s so hard to find in an instructor and I appreciated it so much.”

— Kaitlyn, 2019 Retreat Guest


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