It’s about the journey, not the destination

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The Embodied Warrior is dedicated to providing the highest quality opportunities focused on health, wellness, and happiness. Hosted by me! Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Sound Healer, and Luxury Retreat Host, Megan J. Hoeffner. 

This community is for everyone interested in:

   ♦ Sound Healing
   ♦ Yoga Teacher Training
   ♦ Transformational Workshops
    Local + International Retreats
   ♦ Energy-focused experiences 
   ♦ Holistic Business Mentorship
   ♦ And more!!!

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Check out the upcoming luxury yoga retreats below... 

Weekend Retune: Self Care
Annapolis, MD

November 2023

A full weekend OFF!
Absolutely NO responsibilities -
no dishes, no laundry, no emails,
no arguments to break up, no obligations
other than to completely relax.
That can look like waking up in an absolutely breathtaking ultra luxury waterfront estate sipping your morning coffee or tea looking out at the water, heading to morning
yoga + meditation, and follow it up with
a chef prepared delicious breakfast.
Join us in luxury.
Hey there!


Read my story  ➝

Hello, beautiful light warrior!!

After going through some of the lowest lows a human being can experience, I was inspired + divinely guided to build the safe space that is The Embodied Warrior. 

I know what it's like to be depressed, to be lost, to know there's more out there, to deny myself + my truth...

I also know what it's like to finally embrace my highest calling, to invest in my energetic health, and embody the warrior within. 

It's my passion, my drive, and my commitment to help you make that same transition! 

Welcome to The Embodied Warrior!

“This retreat made me look at my life in a new way, was healing in ways I wasn’t expecting, and gave me a more hopeful outlook on everything.”

— Laura, 2019 Retune Retreat Guest

“There are not enough words that I know in any language to describe how special Megan is. Her ability to hold space for all human beings is something so many of us seek and only so many truly do find. She makes everyone feel extremely comfortable and safe as they dive deep into self journey.”

— Zivile, Retreat Space Owner in Nicaragua


Yoga Teacher Trainings

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Live Events + Ceremonies

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Private Community

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