$555.00 USD

3 monthly payments

Retreat Strategy + Support 3 Month Coaching

What you'll get:

  • Main 3 Contract Bundle: It's all about cultivating peace of mind. We've poured love and intention into crafting these contract templates, freeing you to focus on sharing your unique magic without getting bogged down in legal jargon.
  • Retreat Excel Organizational Template: Get ready to elevate your organization game! Our Excel template is your ally in keeping track of all the details, from guest lists to budgets, empowering you to create seamless experiences for your clients.
  • 3 Months High-Touch Mentorship: Think of Megan as your personal hype woman, here to lift you up through every twist and turn of your journey. With guidance, encouragement, and unwavering support, she will be there to help you navigate the path to success.
  • Voxer Access (M-F 9-4 pm): Need a boost of inspiration or a quick dose of encouragement? She’s just a message away! With Voxer access during business hours, help + inspiration is always within reach.